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    Marco Veddi

    So lets get started…..


    As most of you already know GTA V PC launched with an exclusive feature that many of us didnt get on for our consoles.


    The editor/director mode. This is a mode that enables people to make their very own movies inside the world of GTA V


    this is a great tool for making some amazing videos. But there is nothing like this on console. Now arguments and debates have been had to suggest



    why it wasn’t ie specs of last gen. But that’s is not the case and lets look why?


    1-GTA V still runs at 30fps does that need to change no it would run within specs it already does such as low end pc do


    2-Director mode is a concept that exsists in all generations of GTA V. It is basically is content creator. You even select in the same manner you would.


    3- recording footage isn’t a stretch either on pc you tap f1 and it records a clip to a desired lenght. Now for PS4 it could be as simple as clicking the share button and r1 at the same time to start and share again to stop.


    4-The editor is the crucial piece in this puzzle. It allows you to load recordings and place camera’s  effects and filters


    for making scenes. As for running this gen of console should have no problems at all considconsidering that technology has been around SINCE LAST GEN!!





    games such as wwe13 used it for its highlight reel COD Black Ops used it as well in movie mode.


    5-i guess it comes down to a marketing reason as opposed to specs they want to sell the pc edition rightly so and that is a juicey hook especially if your into film making. but why not have it a timed exclusive with an eventual drop on consoles. Consoles should get this update too why…..longevity of the game!


    Rockstar want people to play this game because people playing means people paying ie shark cards. Who knows down the line there could even be DLC for it. Like i would even pay for it.


    anyway this got abit long winded i had a conversation with Kai from Rockstars tech support and he said he would want it for console also as he himself was a console player. He suggested i get my followers to email the relevant department and make our voice heard. Im asking for support from gamers’film makers and overall badasses to help us get this for our console.


    Please email here




    Now i have emailed theyre has been no reply from Rockstar im just wanting to have a conversation with somebody about this. To find out if it is indeed possible because i see the content coming through for PC Editor and its fantastic it would be great to see console gamers making their own videos first. Because we are the gamers who were initially making machinima videos supporting the game throughout the DLC. I and my follows just need some answers.



    Here are some of the signatures on my petition


    PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!






    Hey! Welcome to RockstarWire – nice to see you here. Interesting topic, I’m honestly a little split on this – and I’ll tell you why.

    A similar editor was available only in the PC version of GTAIV, too

    To be fair, PC players expected the editor. If Rockstar failed to deliver the editor, I do feel as if PC players would have been pretty pissed off.

    This editor has not been added to the console version


    The editor was added as a PC exclusive because, PC players waited so long!

    PC players waited over 6 months to even hear a PC version was in development, comments regarding PC versions were deleted and Rockstar acted as if it wasn’t a thing. I feel like this feature has remained exclusive as a form of “at least you get this”


    The editor simply isn’t supported on the console hardware

    Let’s be frank, the consoles aren’t as solid as a PC. Every single game that gets published in consoles goes through very strict and rigorous testing by the console manufacturers, for quality control and to make sure your hardware doesn’t go bye bye during operation. Also, every game is expected to run at certain standards, which is entirely different to the PC. As a console consumer, they expect Sony and Microsoft to provide an excellent gaming experience, for things like the Rockstar editor – the additional CPU and GPU load could potentially cause problems with the game, since the game is alread maxxing out the consoles capabilities.

    The consoles (at least last gen) come in very short supply of hard drive space. Believe it or not, 250gb is nothing – especially not where HD video is concerned. 500gb hard drives aren’t all that great either, you’ve got PC users pushing up to 2TB of space as standard nowadays, they have plenty of space for recordings and such.


    Overall, I feel its a combination of both simply being an exclusive PC feature (much like the animals and first person were to ps4 and xbox one) and two simply the consoles not having sufficient resources to support something such as the Rockstar Editor.

    Let’s not forget, the PC doesn’t have any of the various dlc packs made available on the previous versions – we missed out on the festive surprise, independence day special and a bunch of other timed- dlc.

    It would be great to see the editor make it to the consoles purely because I’m sure there is plenty of talent over there waiting to beuncovered, however, for now I guess you’ll have to record using conventional methods.



    Haha, I eat my words – the editor will be coming to Console!


    Awesome, can’t wait to see what you come up with


    Marco Veddi

    I know bro! Fucking amazing cant wait to get my hands on it!!!!

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