We sent a letter over to Rockstar a couple of days ago, wherein we essentially enquired about Rockstar’s official stance on modding. Unfortunately, modding is still pretty restricted on GTA V and we would like to see that changed.

For the attention of the developers of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: Online.

May 1st 2015

Dear Rockstar,

Longtime fan and fansite webmaster talking here, I’ve been playing games created by your wonderful and wacky team since I was pretty young, around about 12 years old to be exact. I absolutely love your library of games, and have played pretty much all of them – even some Rockstar Table Tennis! If there is one thing I’ve loved about your games, it is the fact that no two play sessions are the same – each time I play, it feels like a new experience with new events going down.

However, whilst playing the Grand Theft Auto series, I was always left making my own fun… whether it be following traffic rules (and being fucked over by the AI, my fresh new ride!) or pretending to be a cop, chasing down the random events in which a civilian finds them in the unlucky position of being hunted down for a traffic violation – it was my absolute favorite part about finishing the game – the thought of being able to make my own fun. It was at that point that I found the wonderful world of Modding GTA.

I originally got into modding whilst playing GTA: San Andreas on PC – it was the first game I ever modded, and the first thing I added to my game was SA:MP! The one thing GTA lacked was an online mode, you were able to do Splitscreen Co-Op on the console versions – but it was very restrictive for good reason (such as the very low capabilities of the hardware). When I installed SA:MP, and fired it up – I was amazed! I found hundreds of servers providing access to San Andreas alongside hundreds of other people, and I made some lifelong friends from SA:MP – and thoroughly miss (and very often) just back into it, both for the Nostalgia and awesome community. As more mods came out for GTA San Andreas, I kept installing them – I kept playing the game… heck, I even managed to get some of my friends to buy the game… just so they could experience it online with me!

Multiplayer was possible due to one thing: Modders. Without modders, without people tinkering and playing with the files, there would never have been San Andreas Multiplayer. Arguably, there would never have been multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto as we know it, because SA:MP introduced an open-world free roam element to the franchise before you guys officially implemented it in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Granted, your past with modders hasn’t been exactly… pleasant.. nor has it been cheap. The whole Hot Coffee debacle obviously cost a hell of a lot of money and time to try and fix, however – that was simply a modder tinkering around. They didn’t mean to dump you in the shit, they just found locked portions of the game that clearly entertained them, and wanted to share it with the world. The scenes available in Hot Coffee were awkward and funny as hell, so I can definitely see why they it was shared.

At the end of the day, PC Gamers want to be able to modify GTA V. We waited patiently (well, the vast majority of us did.), we had our modding community start the planning and lay the groundwork for the mods we wanted to see. We’ve seen the developers of ScriptHook V, GTA V’s iteration of the pretty famous ScriptHook mod we’ve seen made available for most of the GTA series – purposely disabling their mod within GTA:Online. See, not all modders are bad – like everything, we have bad eggs – but for every bad egg, we have plenty good eggs. I’m sure you’re aware of other games that have thrived after the initial buzz of the game has died down, for example – Skyrim!

Skyrim has lived on much longer than the core game will keep players interested, and why? Well, it’s simple: mods!  Skyrim has a vast library of mods available, probably well over 100x the content available in the game as it comes. Modding opens the possibilities for fans of the game to extend its life, and boy does it have some fantastic mods. You have Falskaar, an massive mod adding over 25 hours of additional content, the SkyUI mod – improving the UI of the game drastically and opening up an API for other modders to love and use, and hundreds of new weapons, characters, quests, areas of the map and a whole lot more.

The purpose of this letter is to hopefully get some idea on why you guys aren’t too happy with officially supporting mods, there are plenty of ways you could do it without affecting the community using GTA:Online. The system currently in place benefits no-one, GTA Online is plagued with cheaters and legitimate modders are unable to add more content to the game. You guys are awesome, you guys can come up with a solution that can make everybody happy – I know that, my 30,000 twitter followers know that – and most importantly, you guys know that.

Thank you for reading this letter, it will be published on www.RockstarWire.net on 8th May 2015, as by that point both North and NYC should have received this letter. I have been working tirelessly on RockstarWire, creating Modding articles explaining how to install mods, troubleshooting any issues and provide community assistance for those who aren’t having such a successful installation – however, I would like to have your Official support before I dedicate time to something that will only become redundant a few patches down the line.

Once again, thanks for reading my letter, I sincerely hope to hear back from you..

RockstarWire.net founder (@RockstarWire )

And there you have it, we are still yet to receive a reply from Rockstar (and don’t expect to really). If we do, we will post an update to this article.

Why did you send a letter?

Our emails, tweets and posts here go unanswered. We are trying post in the hope that Rockstar do respond, even if it’s an arbitrary “we just don’t” response – at least we tried! We really want to see modding fully released in GTA V without affecting GTA:Online, and the only people that can make that happen is Rockstar.

But Rockstar have said mods are fine now?!

Yes, they did indeed. That is awesome, and I am happy. I do however feel Rockstar have been making it harder for modders to do anything still, and I’d definitely still like to see something to make it easier. I don’t feel like they are intentionally doing it. The content of the email is still valid, creating mods as elaborate as the Falskaar mod for Skyrim is still functionally impossible with the current state of GTA5 due to the game not being open to modders.

Feel free to discuss our letter in the comments below.

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