In Rockstar’s latest Asked & Answered, they clarified their stance on mods – something they have been eerily quiet about (and seemingly actively blocking) ever since the PC Version launched on 14th April.

So, they aren’t banned and we are all very happy, yes – we’re still a while away from being able to mod the game as much as we did with GTA IV, but we’re getting there. Please do note, however – modding GTAOnline is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban on GTAOnline – consider yourself warned!

To celebrate Rockstar’s official stance on modding, we ask that you celebrate with us, GTASeries and… Lester? Well, lets just watch Lester dance for this monumental milestone!

GTA 5 – Lester's Dance

Also, a big congratulations to GTASeries, who has hit 1,000,000 subscribers! What an achievement, and they didn’t even sell out once! Respect and love, keep up the good work!

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