10. Support for the game post launch

Rockstar provided some love towards Red Dead Redemption post-launch, however the support soon dried up. The game’s multiplayer component has been crippled by lag and slowdown issues since July 2014, and there is no indication of this ever being resolved. Whilst Rockstar provided some great DLC packs for the game post launch, we would definitely like to see some more content released to keep the fans (and us!) happy and engaged.

Single Player Expansions and Multiplayer expansions are a must have, lots of Rockstar Social Club events and generally more support would keep us all happy! With GTA V, Rockstar definitely have been moving in the right direction with this – so we will have to see!

And that is everything. Red Dead Redemption is flat out one of my favourite games, and I’d like to see Rockstar not only recreate the magic, but also improve on it to make the next game even more immersive. Whilst nothing official has been confirmed, even the existence of a new title in the Red Dead series – I am more than excited and can’t wait.

And, clearly I’m not the only one! 

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