8. Red Dead Online, done properly. Plus, dedicated server support

Grand Theft Auto Online has been a huge success for Rockstar, and a lot of fun for players. It has, however – had it’s fair share of issues; Rockstar have mountains of data and information from GTA:Online they could use to make Red Dead Online a much more enjoyable and immersive experience – the lessons learnt and the issues raised will allow them to build a much better multiplayer component from the ground up, incorporating the wishes and desires of Red Dead fans around the world.

Secondly, we would like some form of Dedicated Server support – even if they are only supported on PC. The biggest problem with GTA V multiplayer is the fact that you are locked to GTA:Online and only GTA:Online – we’ve seen the Multiplayer Mod for San Andreas, and we also saw just how powerful the mod was in generating an entirely new community and playerbase that still to this day pulls in impressive numbers… despite the game now being nearly twelve years old!

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