9. An Interactive and evolving game world. Persistent characters?

One of my biggest gripes with Red Dead Redemption was the half-built building in Blackwater. It was never fully built, even despite the setting fastforwarding towards the end of the game. (*sniffle*) It instantly dragged me out of the immersion – and then I realised… there was no progress in the world throughout the game, at all.

It would have been very rewarding to return to Blackwater and find the building was complete – and also find other parts of New Austin and Mexico had changed. Or, how about some persistent characters? I’d like to walk into the local saloon and see old Billy all wrangled up from the drink. He’s got himself into a bit of a bust up with the local thugs, help him out or leave him for dead? It could tie into the honor system and also make the world, again – much more immersive and interesting!

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