Can you believe it has been five years since Red Dead Redemption hit the retail shelves? Nope, neither can we! 

Since Red Dead Redemption is one of our stand out favourite games to ever come out of Rockstar Games, we thought it would be only fitting to wish it’s fifth birthday with a special article (and a terrible header image, yeah – I couldn’t get hold of our graphics team!)

So, five years ago today the wonderful team at Rockstar San Diego dropped Red Dead Redemption onto the marketplace, and it received critical acclaim. Laden with awards, the game has sold over 13 million copies worldwide – a masterful feat for any game! And Rockstar San Diego are currently hiring a megaton of staff, smells like a new game in the works to me!  

Red Dead Redemption Tribute

Firstly, a video from the fantastic @GTASeries, one of the GTA 5 YouTubers we are most fond of – in this video, he has captured the essence of Red Dead Redemption, crammed in John’s story, obsessed over every camera angle used and ejected John into a new universe, swapping out the horses with motorbikes! Great stuff, more please!

GTA 5 – Red Dead Redemption Tribute [Rockstar Editor]

A definite worth-while watch for anyone, and if you haven’t subscribed to GTASeriesVideos – what are you waiting for?

Seth’s Gold – fan film

Oh boy do I love the Red Dead universe, this video wasn’t specifically made for Red Dead’s birthday, however – it is an absolutely awesome fan film based around our good old friend, Seth! It nails everything; the setting, the characters, Seth’s dirty finger nails, DEADEYE, and most importantly – the general feel. This is probably the closest to a film we will see of Red Dead Redemption for a while, I only wish there was more!

Red Dead Redemption: Seth's Gold – Fan Film

How awesome was that?

And of course, the short (ingame) film by John Hilcoat

Red Dead Redemption Short Film by John Hillcoat

Pretty much everyone has seen this, but it is still relevant and great to watch – 

Some of our favorite Artwork

The Rockstar Community are incredibly talented when it comes down to their graphic and creative drawings, below we have rounded up some of our favourites – if we’ve missed your favourite, let us know in the comments! 

Here’s to five more years

So, Happy Birthday Red Dead Redemption – here’s to another five years, and hopefully we will see a sibling of yours in the near future! Also, why not follow @RedDeadNews on Twitter, they are a small Twitter channel devoted to the Red Dead franchise, posting awesome content every other day for their followers – check them out!

For continued Red Dead Redemption reading, have a read of our Throwback Thursday article solely based on the game. Also, feel free to wish Happy Birthday to Red Dead Redemption in the comments below! 

Fanart by Benlo

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