With Grand Theft Auto V now settled across five different platforms, the question fans are naturally asking is – what’s next? It’s been almost two years since Rockstar have launched a new game, and in this post we go over Rockstar’s library to see what we could see next!

You’d be silly to think there is not a new Rockstar title in development right now, as we speak. There will be hundreds of very talented developers, artists, designers, creative leads and the suits working hard on crafting us a brand new epic to experience on the new hardware! The most exciting thing is, this will be Rockstar’s first game that will be developed from the ground-up with the new consoles in mind, much like Red Dead Redemption – it will also be their second taste of the hardware.

Firstly, there is obviously some GTA 5 story DLC coming. This will probably come in the form of episodic content, as we’ve seen in previous titles – and we’re very excited for that… We are, however, much more excited for what Rockstar have in the oven right now! Let’s get started.

Red Dead Next

Developed by Rockstar San Diego, Red Dead Redemption was Rockstar’s 2010 hit title. It offered a perfectly realized open world, in a fresh new environment free from the very polluted lifes we are used to in other popular Open World games. See our recent Red Dead Redemption throwback!

Everyone at RockstarWire would absolutely love to see a new title in the Red Dead franchise, and I would like to see it as Rockstar’s next big hit. We are very rarely dropped into a Wild West world, and I, alongside many others – would love to be dropped into such an environment again! There is plenty Rockstar could do, I would personally like to see either a prequel to John Martson’s story, going over his wrongdoings with Dutch & The Gang, or – I’d like to see an entirely new story, just please Rockstar… not Jack. Work ya damn nag!

Grand Theft Auto series

One of the least plausible, with Grand Theft Auto V only just being fully released across all platforms – we seriously doubt another GTA title is on its way for a couple of years yet. (and when that time comes, please Rockstar – send us back to the 80’s in Vice City!)

Rockstar have never really released two games in the same franchise twice in a row, so we can’t really see a new Grand Theft Auto title on the horizon anytime soon – however, Rockstar are very unpredictable – however, it is extremely unlikely (and we hope there isn’t, it’s far too soon!)

Although, don’t forget – Rockstar are still actively developing and updating GTA:Online – and with the recent addition of heists proving how fun it can be, we do hope Rockstar continue to improve upon this and make it even more awesome!

Max Payne

Ohh Max, always battered by drink, painkillers, guilt and sorrow. Max Payne 3 is, without a doubt, the greatest third-person shooter currently available on the market. Unfortunately, the game didn’t garner as much love as other games in the genre, and flew under the radar – despite it being the perfect sequel to a story we last dipped into about 10 years ago.

Whilst it would be great to see what Max is up to after the events of Max Payne 3, we still think it’s too early. There’s very little Rockstar can do to spice things up, Max Payne 3 was already a very well realized, polished and feature-rich experience. Max is taking a deserved vacation, we’ll catch up with him in a couple of years time!

L.A Noire sequel/prequel

L.A Noire was one of the stop-gaps before GTA 5, despite Rockstar telling fans it was nothing like GTA. They weren’t wrong, either – the only similarity between the two was driving and shooting. It was a game Rockstar took stewardship of alongside Team Bondi, however relations turned sour post-launch and some well-known industry analysts have stated that both have gone their separate ways.

L.A Noire placed players into, you guessed it – a Noir-styled Los Angeles, set in the late 1940s. It follows rookie-inspector, Cole Phelps – as he is strewn through various investigations. The game explores normal police matters and some dark themes, such as rape, murder, arson and massive fraud – as would be expected from a Detective game.

In terms of a new title being in development as Rockstar’s next big release, we don’t think so. The relationship going sour with Team Bondi & the fact that L.A Noire sales were below Rockstar’s estimates, suggests its probably not high up on the pecking order for a sequel – despite the fact we’d love to see one.

Bully Series

2006 saw the release of Bully (Canis Canem Edit in the UK), a game that focused around a young student named Jimmy Hopkins, who is forcibly enrolled into Bullworth Academy. Very shortly afterwards, he quickly discovers the school is full of bullies and corruption. Jimny is then sent all around bullworth in an attempt to bring peace, sort of.

Bully was a shock to many, just like Rockstar managed to do with Red Dead Redemption, it felt like a fresh new take on the Open World Genre. This time, we were controlling a school-kid, navigating a very realistic American school. Rockstar haven’t really said much about Bully since it’s original release, other than saying a sequel is not totally off the cards and something they would consider in the future.

Bully 2 is definitely something we want to see, we’re just not sure on whether we want to see it over say, a new Red Dead game.

Midnight Club series

Probably one of the most plausible games that could currently be in development, Midnight Club has been under Rockstar’s wing since 2000. There have been four games in the franchise, with the latest being released in 2008. What do you do in Midnight Club? Well – you race! You race in an urban environment, and unlock new, more exciting cars along the way. The game also provides a massive amount of customization, some of which found it’s way into GTA V!

The series has some devout fans, and for good reason – the games are pretty fun, a nice change from the boring annual Need For Speed release. There is a lot of untapped potential in the Midnight Club franchise, therefore, we wouldn’t be upset about a new Midnight Club being the next title in the pipeline to come out from Rockstar!

and finally…

A new franchise / IP

Agent arguably falls into this category, as it has not seen an Official Release, trailer or news for years. It’s currently regarded as vaporware by many, which is why we haven’t included it with it’s own box above.

Rockstar hire a tremendous amount of incredibly talented people, and we feel as if they would do a swell job on working on a brand new IP. What it would be, we don’t know – but, what we all know is Rockstar excel and exceed many other Developers in the Open World genre. I’d personally love to see Rockstar try their hands at an open world RPG.

And we’ve finally got to the bottom of the possible games Rockstar are cooking up right now, this list is pretty big – and we haven’t listed ALL of the possibilities… just the most plausible. We have been running a poll for a few days now, which at the time of writing suggests you guys want to see another Grand Theft Auto title – this is really interesting considering it hasn’t been long since V launched!

If we haven’t listed the game you feel will be next, let us know in the discussion below! Also, vote your opinion in the poll below –

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