It has recently come about that unfortunately some malicious mod creators have added malware to their code, which has remained hidden since the mods were published. As GTA 5 is an incredibly popular game, and the emergence of mods even more so – we thought it was necessary to alert the community of these problems.

It is a massive blow to the Modding Community behind GTA 5, whilst you have people like us trying to push Rockstar into a position to support mods a little more, you have others whom are actively trying to infect unsuspecting user’s computers with malware disguised as GTA V mods. 

Two mods (so far) for Grand Theft Auto 5 have been denounced for distributing malware, they both run perfectly fine and provide a modded experience for the user – however, they also come bundled with a nasty virus that sends all of your keystrokes to the virus creator, including your passwords, websites accessed, that private conversation you had on Facebook and essentially any key pressed on your keyboard.

Perhaps the scariest thing about this is one of the mods infected, “The Angry Planes mod” was installed by thousands of people. This mod was widely featured in the media, such as PCGamer, Kotaku and a vast array of YouTube videos popping up from very prominent members of the community. This mod was sending every single keystroke you made to the author, and will continue to do so until you remove it. (You can find out how to remove it via this post over at GTAForums)

With that in mind, if you personally installed any of the following mods, we highly suggest changing your passwords as soon as possible:

  • The Angry Planes Mod
  • The No Clip Mod

We recently created an article for this when Social Club accounts were compromised, changing your passwords and using unique passwords on separate sites is always the best way to approach your account security – you can read more by clicking here.

The moral of the story is, be very careful with what you are downloading. Unless you are absolutely 100% certain the file you are downloading and executing is safe, don’t do it.

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