We are in need of lots of awesome, talented and wonderful individuals to join the RockstarWire Team! It is currently a super small team, and we would like to grow our team to a group of people who are happy to help run the site, and keep it up to date! Check below for our open Job Positions.

Graphic Designer

We have no Graphic Designers! None at all, and there is a lot we would like to do with the site. First and foremost, Graphic Designers will be tasked with creating header images for articles that are going live on the site, it’s nice for all of the Articles to have an image therefore we aim for all of our articles to have a header image! Secondly, we will constantly be posting new requests within the Graphic Artist forums, in which the team can come together and complete any outstanding tasks.

Finally, our Graphic Artists will also be tasked with sorting out our Social Media outlets, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Rockstar SocialClub and our Steam Group, with fresh and exciting graphics!

Click here to apply to become a Graphic Designer

Forum Moderator

Whilst the Community Forums aren’t massively popular, we would still like to have some helpful hands to assist with the Moderating of the forum. It is a fairly simple role, no prior experience required – we’d be happy to show you the ropes. We are running bbPress, so if you’ve ever moderated a WordPress forum you should feel right at home.

As a Moderator, you’d be able to dive into our community, keep out the bad guys and trolls and keep the discussion rolling.

Click here to apply to become a Forum Moderator

News Reporter & Content Creator

We would love to have some additional News Reporters & Content Creators on board the team, the role would include writing up good, informative content up for RockstarWire and reporting on the latest news Rockstar have to offer.

Click here to apply to become a News Reporter/Content Creator

If none of those positions pick your fancy, keep an eye out on the Official Job Positions page for anything that could possibly pop-up in the future that would suit you more.

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