Why hello there, welcome to RockstarWire! A couple of months of development, lots of hard work and attention to detail and we can finally unveil the RockstarWire Website & Community.

It is with great pleasure that we can finally welcome everyone to RockstarWire, and finally move our Twitter Account focus from Grand Theft Auto V, to Rockstar Games in general! We originally penned the launch of this site in for Early January 2015, and, in true Rockstar fashion (ehehe) delayed the Release a few weeks so we could polish up the site, work on some of the weaker areas and attempt to make it a much more enjoyable website to use.

Here, we are just going to give you a quick rundown of what can be found here, and also – announce our awesome competition in which we plan to giveaway £50 in total of Xbox and PlayStation Network Store cash!

Our nifty little blog

Powered by the awesome software that is WordPress, our blog will be focused on providing the latest Rockstar related news. Whether it be the latest Rockstar title, or some details surrounding a game, we have you covered! Our blog is run by a small group of like-minded individuals whom are all interested in Rockstar and their various titles. We cover lots of categories, and we will add more in the future – so keep an eye out!

Currently run by one person, myself – Jake! I am always on the lookout for new people, but – those people have to be perfect for the position. There is a fair bit to learn when writing for RockstarWire, but – once the initial learning is complete it all becomes a blur and lots of fun! If you’re interested, check out this post.

The RockstarWire Community

We didn’t want to go super big here, GTAForums already do a tremendous job of providing a discussion board for fans of pretty much any Rockstar title – so, we kept it simple. We have a small discussion board that everyone is welcome to join and get involved with the discussion, and it is seamlessly integrated into the Blog. I am not expecting a huge amount of buzz around the discussion board, which is fine – it is simply there should some of you want to join in with other RockstarWire Community members.

All Blog Comments are also made within the respective Forum Page, and vice-versa, so everything is all organised into one place to avoid both confusion and make the whole experience much more user friendly.

If the forum sounds interesting to you, post a welcome thread and say hello!


We have a couple of competitions running, some of which you might personally be interested in! Over time, we hope to have regular competitions running – some will involve a little more work than others – but anyone is free to join in with them. Prizes are tough to sort out, since we are an entirely out of jakes pocket funded site, i.e – no advertisements, no product placements, no paid promos and absolutely no illegal stuff!

I have been an anti-advertisement freak for the longest time, had AdBlock installed for a very long time, therefore funding the site off of Advertisements would be a totally hypocritical move on my behalf. Anyway, away from that and onto the competitions we currently have running!

  • The Twitter “Tweet Out” Competition
    • Quite simply a competition for people who use Twitter, all you have to do is follow us, Retweet our tweet and pop your Twitter handle in the appropriate forum thread. Nice and easy!
  • Social Club Crew Emblem Design Contest
    • We have a Social Club Crew, and we are in need of an emblem to rep on the streets of Los Santos & Blaine County. If you’re good with the Emblem Editor, and bursting with creativity, this one is for you!

What’s next?

There are plenty of GUI bugs and issues about that we would like to get fixed, whether it be simple colour changes or full design changes – we want to push through with them as a priority.

We would like to make more changes to the Community Forum and discussion boards as a priority, first and foremost – we’d like to work on User Profiles. They are currently lacking on the forum, we’d love to offer users the ability to communicate with other users privately, or through the medium of profile comments. There’s so much more we can do on this front!

We also need to put some additional work into the Mobile & Tablet version of RockstarWire, there are a few issues that need polishing up to make the whole user experience more streamlined and easy for the end user – we are going to be putting a tremendous amount of work into bringing it up to date, fixing some of the little annoyances and generally making it just as easy to use as it is on a computer or mac.

Obviously, until I can find a fellow developer the process will be a slow one. Unfortunately, websites don’t code themselves – and working with the WordPress codebase is sometimes a real spaghetti-western nightmare, but WordPress is perfect for what we need therefore the pain and torture is totally worth it!

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