Over the last 6-8 months, I have not been very active on Twitter neither have I been very active on the site. As the sole editor of RockstarWire, I wanted to keep everyone in the loop with regards to what is happening, and my plans for RockstarWire.

A lot of work and effort has gone into RockstarWire, it is my baby – I have completed a lot of custom development on the site, and I have put a lot of my personal time and effort into it. For most of it, I have been alone in doing so. You may have noticed, I have been very inactive on Twitter… and this is the first post this site has seen since August Last Year. As a site recognised by Rockstar, I don’t think this is good enough. I want to change this.

To put it simply, I have been ill over the last couple of months – more so than normal. I suffer from a Mental Health disorder, and without going into much detail, it cripples me mentally and I am currently in the process of resolving that. Alongside work, general life and family matters – I am sure you can imagine it becomes very hard for me to find time for RockstarWire. Life is complicated and busy!

Anyway, my aim is to put more time into the site and open it up to wider audiences. I have a lot of work planned for the forum, as it has failed miserably. My goal is to turn it into a small social hub, where people can come along and chat if they’d like. Since Rockstar could possibly announce their next project any minute, I think it is a good idea to work on the site now in preparation.

What’s next?

I have put together a small list of things I want to work on, if you feel I am missing anything – add it to the comments below!

  • More activity on the RockstarWire Twitter Account
  • Regular Content Updates on the site
  • Further integration between the forum and website

In addition, I want to work on the following in the long-run:

  • Work on an updated design for the site, including a new Logo and Banner
  • Get a team of volunteers together to assist with site updates and ideas
  • Put together an event calendar for regular community interaction between RockstarWire Staff and Users

How can you help?

  • Suggest any changes or provide feedback in our forums – I take all feedback seriously!
  • Volunteer for any role you desire, I am looking for Designers, Developers, Content Authors and more. 
  • Start discussions in our forums, get the conversation rolling! 
  • Spread the word! We’re back baby.

All that being said, if RockstarWire is to succeed and I am definitely going to need some helping hands. If you have any ideas, feedback, general advice or if you would like to help out – please do let me know. I am really keen on kicking the site back into action!

Thank you for reading, 

PS: Could companies please stop contacting me about their ‘amazing opportunity to make money’. Bottom line is, No adverts, ever. This site will never, ever display any form of advertising. I am happy to operate this site at a loss if it means not displaying advertisements on the website, they suck – we all hate them – fuck adverts! 

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