We are hearing reports regarding the Rockstar Games Social Club being hacked, and apparently – user data has been leaked. Whilst we are unable to confirm nor deny this, what we can suggest is that you change your Social Club password to avoid being bitten by any problems should Social Club have actually been hacked

It is generally good practice to change your password every few months or so anyway, so now is probably the time to change your Social Club password. Don’t forget, your copy of Grand Theft Auto V is activated against your Social Club account, so should your account fall into enemy hands – your copy of GTA V goes with it!

Every single day, hundreds of websites are hacked. Hacking is not uncommon, and is infact a good thing as it outlines vulnerabilities and problems – and alerts developers to serious issues on their websites prompting immediate fixes. Unfortunately, there are also hackers who do it for their own personal gain – and steal money and virtual belongings using the data they have hacked. In a large percentage of cases, people who have their accounts hacked have simply not followed password basics.

Selecting a good password

A good, strong password:

  • is at least 8 characters long
  • contains a variety of uppercase and lowercase characters
  • contains at least two symbols
  • contains at least one number
  • does not contain your name, your friends and family’s name, your company name or any other name with any meaning to you
  • does not contain a complete word

If your password was previously iloverockstar1990 for example, you could make it much stronger by changing it to i<3R()CKst*r1990. This way, it utilizes symbols, letters and numbers – is much more secure. You can see how long it is estimated to take for both of these passwords to be cracked by using this site. Whilst it is not 100% accurate, it will help to show the stark difference just a few changes to your normal password will be. Try to aim for a password that would take at least a million years to crack, and change it regularly.

Also, use different passwords for different websites. It doesn’t matter how secure your password is, some webmasters unfortunately store your password in plaintext. This means, your password is clearly visible to anyone – which is why it is a tremendously terrible idea to use the same password in more than one place at any one time.

Meeting those guidelines will ensure a good, strong password that will take much longer to be cracked should your password be leaked onto the internet at any point.

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